Thursday, September 23, 2010

Catch Up

Chase is at ASU and MCC working on prerequisites for Dental school and working at the Scout Shop. He's serving as Cubmaster in our Ward and doing an amazing job! Seriously...ask anyone! He's the best.
I'm our ward's music chair, chorister and choir director. We're trying to get a choir going again...which is a LARGE point of STRESS for me right now. We'll start up practice in October and until then I will probably be praying frantically. :P
Scholastically speaking, BIG CHANGES for Melissa: I've taken a leave of absence from ASU to do a 30-wk. Massage Therapy program starting next month. Like I said-BIG CHANGES. I'm definitely a little nervous going into something completely new and different, but I'm really happy about it and Chase and I are way excited. :)
Because my school schedule is going to be 9-5:30 M-TH and pretty hard to schedule, I'm not working right now, which is tough, but we'll survive.
Anyhoo...I hope everyone's doing great. :)

P.S. Blogging friends,
I want to see you blogging more. I miss you when you're not blogging. That is all.

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