Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Current Events

Things are going excellently well. Things are just as difficult as they ever were, but significantly improved. I can't quite explain what's happened. I really don't have any idea. School is crazy. Work is crazy. Home is crazy. Church is crazy.

The first week in February my family and I went to the Renaissance Festival. There are some adorable pictures I need to get up. It was a blast. I must tell you all a story about the "hair stick" I bought. Another time.

The next weekend we went to the VNSA book sale. I should write an entire blog on that as well. For now I'll just say that I love books and I purchased a great many of them for cheaper than dirt cheap. ...I had to wait in line at 4 am to get in early enough, but it was worth it.


Stake Conference was this last weekend. It was quite a trip. I learned in the adult session of conference that a dear friend of my family's died suddenly of a heart attack that day. I was completely broken apart and cried through some of the talks. It was, very difficult...and still is. My sister Lisa played a beautiful musical number on Viola. She's so talented, I just can't stand it!

For the general session I was in the choir, as usual, and shared a descant with Lisa. The music was very mission-centric and got me thinking and crying. I listened to the Spanish translation during the meeting. I often feel the spirit more strongly in Spanish and it's a good challenge for me to practice translating in my head along with the translators-two of which are relatives (my Dad and my T -->ío Ron) and another who's my Primary President (Soy la 3a consejera...yes 3rd counselor). Fun stuff.

School is as it always is. My favorite class this semester is of course my Institute class-Principles of Leadership. The class is fabulous and it is only improved further by the superb company. :) I'm doing incredibly well in my Italian class. It's really astounding how easy it is if you're a Spanish grammar geek who already took a class on Italian pronunciation. weird... :P

Work is insane. Of course it is! :P You can't expect anything less working with kids. I've been bouncing around the preschool a lot lately. I'm really getting fond of working with the threes, though....which is probably why they put me back in the twos today. :P oh well... Hooray for potty training twos!

In other news,
My family's in the middle of approximately ten million projects. So far, the prognosis is good. I am impatient with myself, though. And I'm betting I'd get more done if I weren't so tired...or still sick.. either one. ;)

Well...that will have to suffice for now.

How is everyone doing?