Friday, June 12, 2009

Healthy Eating Endeavours

So...I'm trying to get healthy.

Trying isn't turning out great just about now. It was awesome for a week and a half...but I'm going to need to re-group and re-motivate. I'm an odd sort of health nut. I'll shy away from high fructose corn syrup and red 40, but then pick up that cheesecake anyway...twice. I also read labels incessantly. Good...but also bad. I know exactly what I'm getting myself into...or what I'm getting into myself..but I'm liable to just say "screw it" and eat it anyway.
My goal has been to just be more mindful of all that...and say "screw it" less. I figure that if I can just put a little more thought into these things, I'll end up doing a lot better. And it's been working. But these last couple of days have been "oh well" sort of days. We all have them. So...four pieces of boredom cheesecake eating's time to start over again.
Funny thing about the cheesecake..and my label that I read the labels of two different types of pre-packaged cheesecakes today: plain and berry. Plain had 20 less calories per serving...So..plain won the battle. I just think that's a weird thing to be comparing such minute calorie values on. I mean...obviously I was going to be eating cheesecake either whichever I choose is probably not the best choice most of the time...but label reading won out and shaved 20 calories off of every slice. algo es algo. Yeah...I'm sure the pounds'll just melt away now..... :P What a wonderful world that would be. :)